“The classic lady, a rare breed indeed” – Andre 3000

Long, flowing skirts are fantastic. I can’t think of any other simple, mundane act that makes me feel more lady-like than lifting the edge of my skirt to climb or descend stairs or to avoid a puddle, etc. Reminds me of that “Behold a Lady” song. I also notice that here, girls wearing especially feminine skirts tend to prompt bus and tram drivers to stop so that the door to get on is smack dab in front of them.  Though slightly silly and perhaps an odd form of chivalry, it’s an added benefit nonetheless!  

Speaking of puddles, today it not only rained but also hailed here in Rome. Not very May-like weather. This volcano isn’t kidding around, is it?

So, right after I wrote about being a bit too sentimental yesterday, I opened up my trusty Bede Jarrett Anthology  and coincidently had turned directly to a section on ‘sentiments’.  So here I go again (apologies to whomever’s getting tired of me quoting him all the time!):

“I cannot command my sentiments or feelings. Well, then, let me beware lest I undervalue them, for their influence on life is enormous…. Emotions are not necessarily unreasonable. Occasionally the argument is heard by which something is dismissed as being ‘mere sentiment’. Now that the fact of anything being merely sentimental does not degrade it at all, for in some ways and at some moments our emotions are the finest things we have…. It is one thing to say that I cannot control my feelings: quite another to say that I should ignore them…. I cannot repose on my feelings but that is no reason for expelling them…. That buoyancy and gladness of soul which is all too frequently supposed to be a sign of the pagan joy of life: it is not pagan, but human.”

“I might almost make it out as a principle of psychology that others have always more control or more effective influence over my emotions than I have myself. They are more likely to compel me to weep, to love, to laugh, than I can force myself to do. But then I must deliberately realise that religion cannot be built on such frail and uncertain material. The City of God rests upon foundations surer than these that ebb and flow; it is upon reason and the will that the whole fabric must be reared. As long as my will is turned to God and endeavours to keep hold of him, to follow his teaching, to obey his law, I am doing the best that I can, and he can expect no more of me than that.”

Call me ignorant, but I had no idea that the Governor General of Canada (and thus also Commander-in-Chief), H.E. Michaëlle Jean, is a single, black woman – a Haitian refugee to be exact. She seems cool, at least at a cursory first glance. Anyone have any insight as to whether she actually is?


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  1. HCO said,

    May 21, 2010 at 3:40 am

    I’ve got contacts in Canada. I’ll get back to you 😛

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