Inseparable essentials

More from my beloved Bede Jarrett Anthology:

“The whole of religion can be compressed into the two words, ‘life’ and ‘love’ … There is nothing else so desirable here or anywhere as those two things. Life is a condition of all enjoyment and love is a condition, in its turn, for all real life. You cannot separate these two that God has put together. Life drives us to love, and love deepens life. Love demands life; it is stronger even that its own rival, hate; it is a fierce and consuming power.”

“What is the test of a man’s religion? There are two tests: love and life. Is my religion a stirring thing, not emotionally, indeed, but vitally? Does it move me to live better, more fully, more richly? And does it drive me to love?”

“Religion is not like your clothes, which you can put off. It is not even like your skin. It is deeper than these external things, deeper than beauty. It is under the skin. Religion does not become conspicuous by being absent. It becomes conspicuous only by constant presence, by repeated action, by daily, hourly, unceasing repetition. There is no end to it, just because it is alive: ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’ (Jn 14:6). Truth, faith, religion, are alive or not at all.”